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Character Mandala - by Bryce Holywell (Framed Photographic Print)

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Artwork Description:

"When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost." - Billy Graham

A being's moral character is essentially the greatest asset one can develop in this life. Through building up our own courage in the face of adversity and suffering, we can achieve our true natural strength, and be fully able to take on any inspired desire we can possibly fathom in this life.

The real heroic Sage uses their wisdom to help all beings on the path to pure enlightenment and self actualisation, even the bad and most evil of beings who have lost all moral character, can be restored and taught to change their ways by the helpful guide of these Sage leaders and their collective benevolent followers.

To be a true helping hand to those who seem completely lost in life and without character, is considered to be the acts of a true hero who knows not to give up on their fellow beings and to never abandon anyone lost in the dark abyss. Look after your tribe and the tribes of others, treat them with love and respect, and peace and prosperity will be fully realised in the lives of us all.

Product Information:

- 100% Handmade Artwork 

- Materials: Photographic Print, Black Wooden Frame

- Hanging hardware included

- Original artwork from the 2020 "Flow State" Exhibition

- Height: 55 centimetres, Width: 55 centimetres